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Learn How Your Cloud Data Stays Secure with Sentra

Data Security Posture Management

3 things we want to show you

How we use smart metadata clustering and data sampling to efficiently discover all your public cloud assets
How we classify your data based on business impact - we’ll find and highlight the most valuable data organizations need to protect, taking into account not only the data’s content, but its existing security posture
How we provide remediation plans with our alerts, so you can secure valuable data quickly and efficiently

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Discover how Sentra's agentless solution can start classifying your data in minutes - without taking the data out of your cloud environment.

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What Cloud Security Leaders are saying about Sentra

"Sentra’s Data Security Posture Management solution provides a centralized and easy-to-use way to discover, manage, and address data security risks in the cloud.”

Jason Chan
Former VP Information Security at Netflix

"Sentra’s approach to cloud data security immediately struck a chord. Legacy data security tools simply cannot tackle the complexity of cloud environments. Sentra is now an integral part of our security stack."

Eran Kalmanson
SVP Engineering at Domestika
"Sentra is the first to deliver a Data Security Posture Management platform designed specifically for cloud-native future. Sentra’s platform takes the guesswork out of what data needs to be protected."
Dean Sysman
CEO & Co-Founder at Axonius